Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I love pattern and I love wallpaper, though wallpaper is banished from our home for now, I love specifying it for clients. For home, I am into all white (or pale grey) at the moment creating a perfect simple backdrop for graphic prints. However I can't help but appreciate the super wallpaper designs that are out there. I have been working on a great job for a client which has involved looking through an array of wonderful wallpapers. I could do pages and pages of my favourites but I thought I'd better limit it to just a handful. What I love about this collection is they can be used in a more abstract way. The White panel wallpaper creates a Trompe l'oeil effect and the Kirath Ghundoo paper comes in panels so can be hung as pieces of art.

Plant Life Collection from Louise Body

LAVISH Mix 'n' Match 11 Wallpaper Collection from Kirath Ghundoo

Horse trellis from Barneby Gates

White panel wallpaper Designed by Young & Battaglia
I have recently specified this for a dining room in a wonderful arts and crafts house. I can not wait to see it up.

Up, up and away from the talented Lizzie Allen

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