Monday, 16 May 2011

The weekend

This weekend was mainly spent meeting a deadline for a client.

I did, however, manage to escape from my mac for a few hours on Sunday with an early morning visit to a local car boot sale and a trip to Cheam to collect a table I won on Ebay.

There was a few lovely things I was tempted by at the carboot including this nifty tea maker and an old radio but I clearly was being too sensible as I decided that I didn't actually need them. That has not stopped me before.

I did purchase a wood tray to house my pencils etc. for my 'studio' and a big slab of Victoria Sponge. Yum.

The table is going to need restoring as it has a few water/heat marks but for now a carefully placed magazine does the trick!

On a completely different note I rather like this new fabric Herring Moon by Jonathan Gibbs. It is available from St Jude's in 3 colourways and as ready made cushions.

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  1. Well done for not coming back with loads of stuff we don't need. Lovely tray.